East Meets West - Music and Meditation Event

June 09, 2018

Meditation from the East met audience from the West at Sahaja Yoga Meditation Center located in the heart of  Bethesda city on Saturday, June 9th. 

The ancient practice of yoga and meditation artfully blended with dance, musical performances and poetry turned Saturday afternoon into an event full of experience and discovery. Guided by Sahaja Yoga Meditation coaches through Kundalini (inner) energy awakening process that we call self-realization, all our participants were able to enjoy and feel a deep state of meditation.


Oriental and western spiritual music, dance, and poetry brought to us by local artists and Sahaja Yoga Meditation practitioners enhanced meditation experience and open up a hidden treasure of spiritual art from India, Iran, South and North America. 


 For those who missed the opportunity to join us, we are publishing video and photos below.

Stay tuned for many upcoming events!